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Beran supports Ducati’s Engine Test Department for their new Multistrada 2015

17 / 06 / 2015

Beran Instruments are proud to announce that Ducati have selected the Beran PlantProtech Analyser and the Beran Analysis Software for use in their Engine Test Department for their new Multistrada Testastretta DVT with Desmodromic Variable Timing, L-Twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Dual Spark, liquid cooled motorbike. The bike reaches top estimated speeds of 160mph.


A concentration of innovations, advanced technology and refined style. This is the new Multistrada. A bike that elevates the riding experience to a dimension without compromise. No sacrifice with the new Ducati Testastretta DVT engine. Power, torque and fluidity are guaranteed by an innovative double variable valve timing system that gives perfect distribution with each change in speed. No sacrifice in terms of riding precision. The new ABS cornering, Ducati Wheelie Control and Skyhook suspension communicate perfectly with the Bosch inertial platform to ensure stability and safety when turning or riding in a straight line, as well as when braking and accelerating. No sacrifice in terms of style. A dynamic, fluid and technological design, LED headlights and state-of-the-art full-TFT colour instrumentation make for breath-taking appeal and attention to detail (

The Beran PlantProtech 766 Analyser and Analysis Software will be used to evaluate Ducati engines in the different work conditions, in order to support the engineers, in the engine development.