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Beran teams up with the University of Bristol to develop Intelligent Health Monitoring Algorithms for Rotating Machinery

10 / 03 / 2010

Beran is pleased to announce its 3-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership with University of Bristol, enabling the sharing of academic innovation and industrial expertise.

Through this Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Beran and the University will work together to:

“Develop intelligent health monitoring algorithms for rotating machinery, enabling the power and industrial sectors to minimise vibration, extend life and improve efficiency and reliability.”

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) bring together academia and industry, enabling companies to access skills and knowledge to aid business development. Prof. Nick Lieven, Dean of Engineering, University of Bristol states that “The benefits of transferring knowledge between academia and industry are vast. By combining the research elements of academia with the real-life exposure of industry, novel, innovative solutions to complex problems can be achieved, often with the results far exceeding expectations.”

 Peter Morrish, Engineering Manager at Beran says “We have been providing innovative solutions for our customers for over 25 years. We believe that ICBM (Intelligent Condition-Based Maintenance) is the key to improving efficiency and extending the operating life of plant items going forward. This KTP will enable us to develop advanced intelligent health monitoring algorithms and embed these within our core products, to continue meeting and exceeding the demands of the Global Condition Monitoring User Group”.

Beran can be sure about the success of its KTP, as it has already seen its sister company, Helitune Ltd., benefit from such a project. For the past two years, Helitune has been working with the University of Bristol on a 3-year KTP project to develop next-generation analytical techniques for Rotor, Track and Balancing for helicopters. The project has proved a great success and both parties are already seeing the benefits of their collaboration.

 The successful KTP between Helitune and the University of Bristol was recently featured in the University’s LynchPin publication – click the link below to read the full article.

Image courtesy of Martin Chainey