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British Energy (part of EDF Energy) Hunterston B Power Station Installs Beran PlantProtech™ Condition Monitoring System on Gas Circulators

25 / 05 / 2010

Located south of Largs, Ayrshire, on the West Coast of Scotland, Hunterston B is a 840MW Nuclear Power Station, capable of supplying over 1 million homes.

British Energy (part of EDF Energy) took a decision to install a new Beran PlantProtech™ Condition Monitoring System on Reactors 3 and 4 at Hunterston B, following failures at another site were found to be identifiable by rising vibration trends.

The new installation provides the same local indication and similar alarm functionality as the previous equipment; however, the vibration data will now be available local to the plant and at the respective CCR unit desks. This key enhancement compliments maintenance engineers and vibration specialists’ considerable analysis capabilities, due to the vast data acquired and comprehensive displays.

The Beran PlantProtech system has been enhanced to reside on the station LAN, so up to six users can access any of the PlantProtech analysers at a time. Users can also be situated at any existing nuclear site connected via the B.E WAN.

Brian Wright, Component & Programme Engineer at Hunterston B, says “Beran PlantProtech Condition Monitoring Systems are used throughout the existing nuclear sites and, with the Hunterston system installed and operational, this provides the final piece in the fleet-wide jigsaw for gas circulator vibration monitoring across the WAN.”

Duncan Affleck, Senior Sales Engineer at Beran, says “The installation at Hunterston was a large-scale project representing a significant team effort between both British Energy and Beran. The project was brought in on time and within budget and has provided considerable cost-saving benefits for British Energy”.

In recognition of the successful project, British Energy issued a ‘Recognising Excellence’ publication.

 Image courtesy of British Energy Group plc