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PlantProtech Vision New Release V5.3.0 - Full Spectrum Analysis

20 / 06 / 2017

New release of PlantProtech Vision V5.3.0 software in support of Beran PlantProtech Online Condition Monitoring and Advanced Plant Monitoring Systems

The Full Spectrum Analysis functionality enables users to create Full Spectrum plots providing an alternative method of displaying shaft movement within a journal bearing and can be used in conjunction with an Orbit plot. 

PlantProtech Vision V5.3.0 contains the following enhancements:

  • Full Spectrum Analysis
  • Improved Orbit Axis Rotation for Non-Orthoganal Probes
  • Enhanced FFT Averaging Algorithm
  • Windows 10 Compatibility Verification

Full Spectrum Analysis

A new historic graph type has been implemented that enables the analysis of forward and reverse frequency components in relation to the direction of shaft rotation using overall orbit data captured from X – Y probes. This also includes:

  • Axis Rotation Settings
  • Waterfall Display
  • Speed Trace
  • Graph Wizard, Tools and Cursors
  • Full Spectrum Graph Printing


PlantProtech Vision Full Spectrum Display

PlantProtech Vision Full Spectrum Display

Improved Orbit Axis Rotation for Non-orthoganal probes

Improvements have been made to real-time and historic orbit graphs to accurately display the orbit of non-orthoganal probes when Axis Rotation is enabled.

Enhanced FFT Averaging Algorithm

Improvements have been made to the Exponential FFT Averaging Algorithm.

Windows 10 Compatibility Verification

PlantProtech Vision V5.3.0 has been tested against Microsoft Windows 10.