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Veolia Environmental Services’ Energy-from-Waste Sites Install Beran PlantProtech™ Condition Monitoring Systems

19 / 11 / 2009

Energy recovery as a source of renewable energy can make an important contribution towards sustainable development.

Veolia Environmental Services uses energy recovery as part of an integrated strategy for producing energy for the community and currently operates six Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs) in partnership with Local Authorities.

The company’s ERFs produce energy from non-recyclable residual waste. The energy produced is exported to the National Grid, providing power and, in Sheffield, combined heat and power via a connection to a local district heating system.

Les Fenwick, Maintenance Manager at Marchwood ERF, advises that: “Monitoring plant reliability is essential to maintaining operational ability and the Beran PlantProtech™ system was selected, as this integrates with the already installed vibration trip system and the station DCS system.

Peter Chivers, Group Project Engineer for Veolia Environmental Services, added that: “Combining vibration data and plant process information provides a greater understanding of the machine health and gives us the ability to plan our plant shutdowns with much greater accuracy, resulting in efficiency improvements.”

Beran is delighted to provide the PlantProtech Condition Monitoring System to Veolia Environmental Services. The Beran system is installed at the company’s Energy Recovery Facilities, enabling expert advice to be rapidly available from condition monitoring experts. “The great news is that installing the Beran PlantProtech systems has provided an enhanced understanding of the turbines and has resulted in Veolia saving money,” said Duncan Affleck, Beran’s Senior Sales Engineer.