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PlantProtech™ 767 Portable Analyser

Truly portable 32-channel vibration analyser, built for a tough life.

The Beran PlantProtech™ 767 Analyser offers portable parallel multi‑channel plant monitoring, either for temporary usage or return‑to‑service works. Robust, fast data capture, ethernet, modem and internal solid-state data storage.

  • Up to 32 parallel vibration channels
  • Acceleration, velocity & displacement dynamic vibration inputs
  • 16 DC input channels & 8 digital inputs
  • Up to 4 x 1/rev phase marker inputs
  • Various carry-case options
  • Remote access via modem
  • Ethernet
  • Internal solid-state storage

The PlantProtech™ 767 Portable Analyser is ideal for on‑site commissioning, balancing, return-to-service and fault-finding applications, and offers unrivalled facilities in a compact, rugged and easily portable unit weighing less than 12.5kg.

Full control of measurement, analysis and alarm configuration is achieved via an ethernet-capable PC. Alternatively, it can function as a standalone or remote system for longer term monitoring or analysing of intermittent faults and problems.

Using the latest data compression technology, full real-time graphical capability is available over a modem link or via ethernet WAN. This allows a PlantProtech 767 Portable Analyser to be left on-site, but monitored by vibration analysts at a remote location - anywhere in the world! For unattended operation, the PC is not required, giving greater security and eliminating the possibility of the PC being removed without authorisation.

Time and RPM based logging may be enabled, ensuring run-up, run-down and on-line plant operational modes are automatically stored.

The PlantProtech 767 can be configured with up to 32 parallel dynamic channels, 16 additional static (DC), 8 digital and 4 tacho inputs, and can accept inputs from most dynamic sensors; ICP supply and high and low pass filters are integral.

The unit is equipped with comprehensive alarm detection and alarm-initiated actions, including configurable storage, acquisition rate increase and contact closure.

A comprehensive range of real-time and historic data displays are available, and data can be exported in CSV format for balancing programs, Excel, etc. The unit has a high capacity solid-state disk for data storage.

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