Proven Condition Monitoring Solutions

PlantProtech™ Base Station

Central PC data store for all your PlantProtech™ Analyser historic data.

  • View data off-line
  • Fast data access
  • Multiple users
  • Central data server
  • Mimics PlantProtech Analyser functionality
  • Scalable from laptop to PC server

The PlantProtech™ Base Station application runs on a standard Microsoft Windows platform, and is scalable from a laptop to company-wide installation.

PlantProtech™ files may be analysed using PlantProtech™ Vision.

Data from multiple PlantProtech Analysers may be stored and then accessed by many users through a single Base Station installation.

Key features include:

  • Viewing historic data files
  • Trend file generation
  • Reference file creation
  • Vector difference screening
  • Run-out subtraction
  • Data file upload and download

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