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PlantProtech™ E-mail Vibration Alert

Receive periodic updates from Beran PlantProtech™ Analysers via the automated E-mail Vibration Alert interface straight to your PC Inbox or Mobile Phone. Stay in touch 24/7, wherever you are, and remain informed about any changes in vibration status or condition of your machine, assisting in the prevention of potential issues before they occur.

The E-mail Vibration Alert is an optional software interface for the Beran PlantProtech™ Analyser, designed to provide users with automated E-mail Alerts of machine alarm and system health status.

The E-mail Vibration Alert interface sends e-mails detailing alarm and system status to a configured e-mail address using industry standard SMTP protocols. The alarm and system status e-mails may be received by the end user using a standard e-mail client (e.g. Microsoft® Office Outlook®), or alternatively, they may be received and processed by a user-customised data screening application.

The E-mail Vibration Alert Interface monitors the alarm and/or system logs of any Beran PlantProtech Analyser. New log messages are sent via an e-mail server to a nominated e-mail address. Separate e-mails are sent for each log monitored from each installed PlantProtech Analyser. The E-mail Vibration Alert Interface may be configured to check for new log entries at regular intervals, ranging between once every five minutes to once a day. Additionally, a “summary” facility may be configured to resend all log messages once a day at a specified time, or once a month on a specified day and time.

The E-mail Vibration Alert Interface is installed and commissioned by Beran personnel. At the time of installation, the E-mail Vibration Alert Interface will be configured by Beran to the user’s requirements. The E-mail Vibration Alert Interface may be installed and commissioned remotely via a modem connection to the Beran PlantProtech Analyser, with minimal disruption to normal operation.

May be installed on

PP-766 PlantProtech Analyser
PP-768 PlantProtech Analyser
PP-767 Portable PlantProtech Analyser

Firmware Version

V2.8.3 or later

IT Requirements

An e-mail account for Beran PlantProtech Analyser to send e-mails from
An e-mail account for Beran PlantProtech Analyser to send e-mails to
A SMTP server that Beran PlantProtech Analyser may send e-mails via

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