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TransCal™ 455 Integrated Calibrator

The TransCal™ 455 Integrated Calibrator is a complete calibration system for virtually all types of vibration transducers.

Whether you are developing new products for challenging environments, monitoring valued plant and machines, testing for product quality assurance, or testing transducers at the end of a production line, the TransCal™ 455 Integrated Calibrator ensures that all your accelerometers, velocity and displacement transducers are accurately calibrated to National Standards.

The TransCal™ 455 Integrated Calibrator incorporates precision signal conditioning amplifiers for connection to charge, voltage, and current excitation type devices, along with an internal power amplifier to drive the external vibration shaker.

The user can configure and review results via the in-built display, or via the PC-based TransCal™ 485 Workstation Application, providing complete control of the 455, with the added benefit of a TransCal™ Database recording test profiles, transducer profiles and all results sets. The results can then be presented in any desired format using the in-built calibration certificate generator.

A single sine measurement technique is used for maximum accuracy, speed, noise, and distortion rejection. Multiple calibration tests can be defined using frequency step, frequency sweep, or amplitude step and a sequence of tests can be executed automatically.

  • Calibration traceable to National Standards.
  • Charge, voltage, and current excitation interfaces.
  • Complete integrated calibration system.
  • Internal signal conditioning.
  • Internal power amplifier.
  • Compatible with TransCal™ 485 Workstation Application.
  • Automatic calibration sequences - reducing calibration times and errors.
  • Test Sequences - Frequency Step, Frequency Sweep, Amplitude Step.
  • Reference transducer error curve correction.
  • Single sine measurement technique assures accurate repeatable results.

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