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TransCal™ 475 Laboratory Calibrator

The TransCal™ 475 Laboratory Calibrator is a dedicated, high precision instrument for the fully automatic calibration of vibration transducers.

Whether you are developing new products for challenging environments, monitoring valued plant and machines, testing for product quality assurance, or testing transducers at the end of a production line, the TransCal™ 475 Laboratory Calibrator ensures that all your accelerometers, velocity and displacement transducers are accurately calibrated to National Standards.

Using the sine correlation measurement technique, the Beran TransCal™ 475 Laboratory Calibrator is able to ensure that accurate, repeatable measurements are provided over a wide frequency range and within changing measurement environments.

Transducers measuring acceleration, velocity or displacement may be calibrated using the 475. Sensors providing a charge, voltage, or current excitation type signal may be interfaced via the optional Beran 801A Precision Amplifier, and piezoresistive devices can be interfaced via the Beran 801B Conditioning Amplifier.

Using a digital integration / differentiation technique, conversion between acceleration, velocity and displacement may be achieved with negligible error.

Four types of automatic tests may be carried out on the vibration transducers using the TransCal 475 Laboratory Calibrator. Three of these tests are performed with the transducers mounted on the shaker together with the reference transducers; the fourth is a DC test for piezoresistive transducers.

Transducer calibration results are displayed graphically at each test point as each profile is running. On completion of a profile, or sequence of profiles, the results may be viewed in either text or graphical format.

The 475 automatically controls all TransCal Conditioning Amplifiers to ensure that a repeatable test is performed on every calibration, reducing the risk of human error.

  • High precision instrument: 0.2% magnitude, 0.25° phase, uncertainty.
  • Wide frequency range: 1mHz to 100KHz.
  • AC or DC coupling.
  • Differential or single-sided voltage input.
  • Compatible with TransCal™ 485 Workstation Application.
  • Charge, Voltage, Current Excitation, Current Output, Bridge, Electrostatic Microphone Interface (depending on external amplifier).
  • Automatic calibration sequences - reducing calibration time and errors.
  • Single sine measurment technique assuring accurate repeatable results.
  • Test Sequences - Frequency Step, Frequency Sweep, Amplitude Step.
  • Reference transducer error curve correction.
  • Calibration traceable to National Standards.

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