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TransCal™ 801A Conditioning Amplifier

The Beran 801A Amplifier supports Charge, Voltage, and Current Excitation interfaces. With gain control of x1, x10, x100, and matched input channels, repeatable and accurate calibration results will always be obtained.

The Beran 801A is a dual-channel precision amplifier designed specifically for transducer calibration, which is optimised to be compatible with the Beran TransCal™ Calibrator range.

The 801A measures the charge output from piezoelectric transducers, supplies the excitation, and measures the output from current excitation transducers, as well as measuring voltage outputs from any other device.

Either the Beran TransCal Calibrator or the PC-based TransCal 485 Workstation Application can automatically control the operation of the 801A. The two matched precision amplifiers provide independent configuration of dynamic conditioning for both reference and test transducers. This enables transducers of different types to be calibrated against the same reference transducer.

The 801A can also be used as a standalone two-channel precision charge amplifier for general purpose signal conditioning.

  • Charge, Voltage, and Current Excitation inputs.
  • Matched reference and test channels.
  • x1, x10 and x100 gain settings.
  • Standalone or automatic control by Beran TransCal™ Calibrator range.

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