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TransCal™ Workstation Application

Revolutionise your calibration and transducer manufacturing procedures and processes with the complete control provided by the Beran TransCal™ range, which includes remote configuration, transducer calibration, and traceable storage of every calibration in an easy-to-use PC based environment.

The Beran TransCal Workstation enables ‘turnkey’ calibration of vibration transducers with Charge, Voltage, Current or Current Excitation interfaces, along with electrostatic microphones, without the need for laborious and time-consuming manual calibration. Simply mount the transducer, select the required test profiles, and click ‘run’ to perform calibration in accordance with ISO 16063-21

The Beran TransCal™ 485 Workstation Application provides complete control of the TransCal Calibrator and Conditioning Amplifiers. Stored calibration data can be retrieved from the TransCal Database to produce bespoke calibration certificates, reports, and graphs based on statistical data.

The Beran TransCal 485 Workstation Application operates on a standard Microsoft Windows platform and enables you to have complete remote control of the Beran TransCal range (455, 475, 801A, 801B, and 801M).

Connection to the TransCal Calibrator is achived via a standard RS-232 serial link. The user can then configure components such as Transducers, References, Exciters and Amplifier compensation tables at the click of a button without the use of floppy disks.

Certificate Creation:

The Beran TransCal 485 Workstation Application enables creation of custom calibration certificates for your internal and external customers, using the in-built certificate generator, and containing any field from the TransCal Database, tabulated data, or graph data, eliminating the need for exporting of results or data manipulation.

Graph Overlay:

Multiple historic test results may be selected and compared in order to identify a trend in a parameter over a period of time, or to Identify the quality of a batch of newly manufactured transducers.

User Access Control:

Access to profile creation, database management and test modification can be restricted using the four-level access system - Level 1 for Operators, to Level 4 for System Administrators.

Beran TransCal™ Database:

All test results are stored in the TransCal Database, which allows users to recall test results, compare parameters, re-issue certificates, identify trends, etc.

Searches can be performed on the TransCal Database for one or more (combined) fields such as Operator, Manufacturer, Serial No., Date, Model No. and Pass/Fail Criteria. Previous test configurations can be recalled as required. When a transducer is due for re-calibration, the original test configuration and results can be recalled.

Profile Storage:

Transducer, Reference, Test Profile, Exciter, Amplifier and Test Equipment profiles are all stored in the TransCal Database to minimise the need for data re-entry, and to allow traceability of the equipment used during the test.

  • Comparison calibration in accordance with ISO 16063-21.
  • Automated calibration routines, reducing inaccuracies and inconsistencies introduced by human error.
  • Generation of custom Calibration Certificates.
  • Custom data export facility to transfer valuable data to your company database or in-house reporting tools.
  • Automatically retrieve and archive calibration data in the TransCal Database.
  • Clearly define and display Pass/Fail criteria.
  • Password-protected to limit configuration access.
  • Recall and compare historic calibration results.
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