Proven Condition Monitoring Solutions


Whether it’s supplying hardware for installation, or providing a turnkey installation, we are confident that we can meet your requirements.

A range of installation options are available, including supply of hardware for installation by you, or a complete turnkey installation where we can offer a tailor-made solution to meet your specific requirements.

Our services include installation, wiring, commissioning, and setting-to-work. We can also assist Station IT Engineers with configuration of users computers for the Beran software.

The Beran PlantProtech™ 766/768 range of products consists of rack-mount instruments fitting into a standard 19” equipment cubicle. The height of the Beran PlantProtech 766 system is approx 6U (or 270mm).  We recommend allowing a further 30–40mm above and below the system to enable suitable air flow.

We offer a range of options from supply of cubicles, including wall-mount swing frame cubicles or floor-standing versions. The exact details will be discussed and agreed with you during the contract phase.

The installation documentation provided by Beran will include risk assessments, method statements, wiring schedules, test procedures and setting-to-work results.