TransCal™ 801B Conditioning Amplifier

The Beran 801B Conditioning Amplifier enables the TransCal™ Calibrators to perform DC calibration on piezoresistive transducers. The user is able to configure unique transducer bridge completion resistors and calibration shunt via a plug-in card system. The Beran 801B contains a programmable bridge power supply, along with DC voltage and measurement capability, ensuring a comprehensive calibration every time.

The Beran 801B is used (along with the Beran 801A) in conjunction with the TransCal™ Calibrators to provide automated calibration of DC piezoresistive transducers.

The Beran 801B contains a programmable, precision bridge power supply, together with a DC voltage and resistance measurement capability. Unique transducer bridge completion resistors and calibration shunts may be configured by the user via a plug-in card. This ensures complete calibration flexibility, allowing each transducer type to have a dedicated set-up, guaranteeing a comprehensive, accurate calibration every time.

  • Programmable DC excitation.
  • Configurable bridge completion resistors.
  • Configurable +ve and -ve shunt resistors.
  • DC and resistance measurement.
  • Automatic control by Beran TransCal™ Calibrator.

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